Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hairy Hungry Hippo

~Bug is 27 months old~

The official start of the 2012-2013 School Year started with the letter H. That may seem a little strange to some but we decided to continue our lessons in order versus starting over from the beginning. This week we worked on the letter H. Bug enjoyed using his dot markers with his lapbook sheets. He also enjoyed this color matching hippo game from Letter of the Week.


We did a couple of craft activities this week. We made planet earth with a coffee filter, colored markers and a spray bottle. This was part of God’s creation lessons. We also made a hippo that earned a place on our project wall. Our project wall is where Bug is able to display his art inside frames so he can show it to daddy and anyone who comes over to visit.


Play dough is such a great learning tool as it uses multiple senses. Here Bug rolled balls and logs to make the letter H.

Bug quickly took to his toilet paper roll puppet Hairy and ran around the whole house with him. However, I was able to snap this picture of Hairy as he went “nite nite” right before Bug went for his nap.

We introduced the Bible in Felt and it was a huge hit (thank goodness since my fingers still hurt thinking about cutting it all out.) Bug enjoys helping put the pieces on the board and for the most part gets them in the correct location.

Mom’s Favorite:
This week’s favorite images come from an amusing incident. Bug stepped into a hole that his best friend (our yellow lab) dug out and got muddy p past his knees. So we had to get him cleaned off. The idea was to just rinse him off but it quickly turned into a great chance to play in the water.

Next week we look forward to a review of lessons we have learned and how we can apply them. So until then…

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