Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Week 7 - Fun Fun Fun

~Bug is 16.5 months old~
Letter:      Ff
Theme:      Squares
We introduced a few new things this week in Tot School. The first was a sensory bin with his square shapes. Bug was more interested in throwing around and eating the rice then actually discovering what was inside the bin. We learned that this is a good tool to use outside.

Many thanks to our Tot School friend, Red, who showed us how to make a sun catcher. We used squares and rectangles to continue with our shapes of the week.  Bug really enjoyed the stickiness of the contact paper and how it would stay on his hand if he pressed hard.

Bug worked hard at pushing the straws through the wiffle ball and looked so cute concentrating. This was a rough day as he has some teeth coming in and he didn’t really want to do  much.

Bug had fun this week with a trip to the fair. It really was a nice coincidence that the fair was here during the letter ‘F’ week. Bug played and won his first fair game so we’ve added to our ball collection. He also tasted his first funnel cake and had his first Fun Foto.

Until next week… love and hugs!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 6 - Fun with F

~Bug is 16.5 months old~

Fun… Fun… Fun… that’s what we’ve been having this week. With the introduction of the letter F we have had lots of fun with our feet and introduced the sign for flower.  
We started a morning devotional time where in addition to reviewing our weekly verse (Proverbs 4:14-15) we also read a page from Good Morning Dear God. It feels so good to watch him fold his little hands to pray.

Bugs attention span was a little short this week. He played with his shape/color sorter and his foam shapes. We are working on pulling out all the squares in preparation for next week’s shape.

He still loves his egg sorter and has begun to figure out how some of them fit in the holder. He will twist and turn them until the fit correctly. 
Bug also attended a sweet sixteen birthday party for his babysitter this week. He enjoyed showing everyone that he is “1” or as he says “uno.” Yes, we are still working on the Spanish and it’s a learning process for us all.

Bug with his daddy
Until next week… love and hugs!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5 - Taking it slow

~Bug is 16 months old~
Since I had eye surgery this week, Tot School was a little on the slow side. Bug watched a few Leapfrog videos that focused on shapes and colors. He can now even say Blue although it sounds a little more like boo. Daddy took care of reading time and I was able to “read” a few books that I already memorized.
We tried a new skill of pushing the pasta through the pepsi box. At first he was concentrating really hard to get them inside the hole but iIt worked out very well and Bug had a ton of fun pushing them through and dumping them out. 
My surgery was down in Orlando so while we were there we took Bug to Downtown Disney. We let him play at Lego Land and now I think that he is ready for some building blocks. When we passed by this bench with Pooh he couldn’t wait to sit down next to him. Pooh is one of his favorite books.
Not to many pictures this week but as my eyes continue to heal we will get back into full swing.
Until then… love and hugs!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tot School - M is for Mickey Mouse - Week 4

~Bug is 16 months old~
This week we continued with the letter M. We officially have Tot School three days a week so I feel that we can take two weeks on each letter and verse so that Bug gets the most out of each lesson. Mickey Mouse is his new favorite character and has learned that he can watch it on the IPhone. TV time is limited but we also use the IPhone with some learning apps which are helping with shapes and colors. Bug is still doing really well with the color blue but it’s touch and go with the others.
Neither of us speaks Spanish but feel it is important for Bug to learn so we are implementing every tool we have. Bugs laptop teaches the numbers and a few words so we use it several times during the week. It’s fun to hear him say “uno.”
Reading time happens every day whether we are having Tot School or not. Here we are reading from Bugs color book. The book asks what color things are and then has a page that has things that color. Bug has gotten good at identifying some of the items on the page when asked.
Bug loves outdoor time and the weather is getting very nice so we went to the park. He was able to make a new little friend and they ran around together. His favorite thing is the swing so we talked about up, down, go and stop. He quickly learned up was where he wanted to go.

Next week brings a new letter and new Tot School Tools. Can’t wait to see what happens. Until then… love and hugs!
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