Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Recovery and Review

~Bug is 27.5 months old~

We had a few issues with mommy’s back this week so things didn’t go quite as planned. When all else fails, review. So we did. We went through all the letters he learned previously and I wrote them on the white board. He then used his car to drive over them as I called them out.

Bug has taken to try and figure out a different way to stack his stackable toys. He will try anything to make them balance.

He is getting much better at the concept of Alphabet Bingo although the pieces don’t always find their way back to the tray. Thank goodness they are only colored pieces of paper.

A few weeks ago we introduced Bug to discovery bottles and HE LOVE THEM. The only downfall in using Gatorade bottles is that there aren’t enough smooth surfaces for him to use the magnetic bottle. So the current process is to dump out all the pipe cleaners and then pick them up with his magnet stick.

Bug is very much of the electronic age and spends lots of time with his InnoTab and my IPhone. Thanks to 1+1+1=1 we are able to download lots of free educational apps as she posts their availability.

Mom’s Favorite:
Every time we get to the mall Bug likes to go to the book store. Here he is reading a story while we shop around. His shoes are off as he just finished playing in the play area and was obviously tired as he kicked back to relax. We recently began utilizing our local library to increase his availability to books. I can’t believe to tell you how valuable I find that little business card size piece of plastic.

Next week the forecast is rain... so much I might not have enough pieces for our weather board. the good news is I have some new colored rice so me thinks this calls for some sensory bins. So until then…

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  1. Alphabet bingo looks SO FUN!! I want to play it myself haha :-) http://wamumma.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/a-for-apple-sorting-pom-poms.html