Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012-2013 * * * Change is Good


The 2012-2013 school year is under way all around the country. With Tot School we like to continue to learn throughout the year. At this age there are no requirements of what has to be done and when it should be done. So we are NOT back to school but continuing our learning with new curriculum ideas and a new school room.

This year we will be combining several different curriculum ideas from the following wonderful ladies who devote their time to sharing with others what has worked for them.

I am excited about our new set up and Bug is too as we can see here from his 2012-2013 school day picture. We have added a learning station for Bug who doesn't like to sit down for very long. Here he can choose to stand up and easily work on his activities. Above the desk is our calendar board. This is where we place our letter of the week (missing this week's letter thanks to a game of hide and seek,) verse of the week, weather chart and principles. We also have added alphabet cards with pictures for the letter sounds. He likes to point out his favorite letter Oo every chance he gets.

Next to his desk area we have what will eventually be his workbox area. Right now it houses additional papers and misc items for both Tot School and Mason's Monarchs (our non-profit). On top of this is where we keep our treasure chest of items for our calendar board as well as our storage boxes for stickers, glue sticks and dot paint. Our library books have found a home here too as they are out of reach of little fingers and much safer this way.

We will continue to use our Tot Tray's for weekly activities. In addition to his Tot Trays we have added discovery bottles, his letter, shape and number puzzles and his stacking pegs have all been placed on his everyday shelves. This are tools that he loves to use all the time and usually asks for as we enter the classroom each day.

Our window sill continues to house weekly books and Bug still has his bean bag chair. We have also added a section for our new Bible in Felt story board. No pictures of this yet but that gives you something to look forward to in the future. So until then...

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