Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dumbo, Duck and Dog all start with Dd

~Bug is 25.5 months old~

It’s always a good feeling when you are setting up your calendar board for the week and the little one screams out the letter in excitement. That is how we started the week with the letter D. Bug enjoyed pointing out all the things he knew started with the letter D. He spent some time working in his lapbook to color a duck and to trace the upper and lower case Dd.

We had lots of books that included the letter D as well as some flashcards for the color blue which was this week’s color and one of Bug’s favorites.

Bug has now mastered the skill of sorting shapes on his color pegs. So as he sorts now we call out the color of the shape and what the shape is that he is sorting. He is really good at choosing the right shape when it is called out but not so much on trying to say the name of the shape. ‘Tiandle’ is my current favorite shape.

We have entered the land of the technical and Bug now enjoys using his electronic devices. Here he is using his tablet to work on shapes and his V-Tech to work on his numbers. No he really doesn't need two of these gadgets (not to mention mommy and daddy’s IPhones) but they were gifts and the variety of options between the three devices makes for a wider range of educational opportunities. Plus he enjoys it so much.

This week’s favorite image came from a birthday party that Bug attended for one of his little friends. We didn't realize it was a pool party until after we arrived but decided to let him just go for it and it produced the biggest smiles. Sometimes the best things are the unexpected ones.

Introducing a few new activities next week - So until then…

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