Monday, November 7, 2011

Week 9- Chaos

~Bug is 17 months old~
Letter:      Dd
Theme:      Chaos
This week was a challenge as mommy had a very big event to prepare for which left less time for Tot School as I would have liked. Pictures are lacking as what little time I did have I didn’t want to waste a second.
Bug loves his new shape box and will now open it and take out just the shapes he knows and will show them to me and then put them in the correct spots. We do this a few times throughout the day since it is one of the toys I have let come out of the classroom this week.
Bug started working on his first “look and find” book this week. The finding part is pretty easy for the animals he already knows but the matching part a little more of a challenge. He really has his butterfly down and always wants to point that out.

We also revisited the color blue this week as Bug pointed out several things that were blue… or “boo” as he would say.
During all the chaos I am a little embarrassed to say that he got way too much tv time. The good news is that it was all Veggie Tales and Leap Frog shows so at least there were lessons behind them.   
So until next week…
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