Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Week 11 - Happy Thoughts

~Bug is 17.5 months old~
Letter:      Hh
Theme:      Happy Thoughts
This week we talked about feelings and happy thoughts. This came about after a few tantrums and our Tot School toys being thrown around the room.
We introduced a few new things this week… the first was sidewalk chalk. Bug loved drawing on the ground and showing me the different colors. We even did a drawing of his body lying on the ground. This was a little challenging considering his furry siblings kept trying to lick him while he was laying there.
With daddy’s birthday coming up the next thing we introduced was some homemade finger paint. At first he carefully dipped his fingers in, unsure of what he would find. I showed him how to put the colors on the paper and then he was off. It didn’t take long before curiosity overcame him and in his mouth the finger paint went. Thank goodness for the homemade recipe.
We worked more on shape sorting and he is getting much better at figuring which shape goes into which hole. We have a few of these toys and sometimes the shape he has doesn’t go with the toy he is using. But that doesn’t stop him from making it fit.
Bug is getting better with his sensory bin. Although we didn’t have any turkeys to add to it, he did pick out the leaves and rocks and left the ghosts.

He spent a lot of time on his laptop this week. He prefers to use the Spanish numbers which counts to nine with his favorite being the 8—oco is what he says.

Next week is Thanksgiving and will be a short week with so much to be thankful for in our family.
So until then…
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  1. ~I love how you share and celebrate all of the new and amazing things he is learning. I wish I had blogs like this for my boys! (((HUGS))) Great job Momma!!