Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 12 - Happy Thanksgiving

~Bug is 17.5 months old~
Letter:      Hh
Theme:      Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving from Bug who learned how to say “gobble gobble” in honor of Tom Turkey.  Due to the holiday and our personal family vacation Tot School was abbreviated this week.
We made a turkey from Bug’s handprints with the help of our friends at  Bug wasn’t too impressed with the stickiness of the glue but did pretty well with placing the pieces where I showed him. He was very excited to show daddy his turkey when he got home.

We continue to work on his shape/color sorter. Some days he gets it right and others he just wants to mix them all up.

We are very thankful that our goddaughter is back in town after her daddy was stationed across the country. She took some time to join Bug for some Veggie Tales learning.

Next week is vacation time and some life experience learning. So until then…
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