Monday, June 25, 2012

A is for Apple

~Bug is 24.5 months old~

Well after an extended break from Tot School due to health and other necessary reasons we are right back at it. During our break Bug had a birthday and he is now 2 years old. We took advantage of the break and started back with the beginning of the alphabet.


Letter A presents lots of fun with apples and ants especially when you have Dr. Seus on hand. The A book was his favorite one to read this week and we read it over and over again.

We also had some fingerpaint art fun while making a card for daddy. Bug is amazed that he can just touch the paper and leave whatever kind of mark he wants. He has begun to rotate his fingers to make different size marks. 

Bug enjoys working in his book but only wants to do a little at a time. He has gotten pretty good at tracing the lines and really enjoyed saying apple... as well as eating one after he was done.

I let Bug choose his own activities this week as we got back into the swing of things. The first he pulled out was his stacking rings. Some of you may remember that we had lost the green ring at one time. During our break I was able to locate the green ring and it presented a little confusion when he saw it but quickly realized that it was part of the set. He also enjoyed playing with nuts and bolts and quickly was able to locate which one went where and connect them all correctly. We also added some wooden puzzles to the mix and he loves to match the numbers. 


Bug was really lucky and got some very nice birthday presents and several of them were perfect for Tot School. Here he is playing a game with his Vtech which teaches him control by moving pieces back and forth and up and down.


My absolute favorite from this week was this quick picture I was able to capture right before we turned Bug lose the first day back. We had just finished our calendar time and prayers. He looked at me and said cheese. Thankfully the camera was right there and ready.

So happy that we are back working on Bug's learning through play. Can't wait to see what next week brings. So until then…

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