Thursday, July 5, 2012

B is for Bug

~Bug is 24.5 months old~

We had so much fun with the letter B this week and boy was I happy when we posted the letter B to our calendar board and Bug proudly shouted out B. B was one of the first letters we ever attempted in Tot School and I was a proud momma to know that he remembered.

When we revamped our Tot School room we decided to add a few more decorations and kid friendly/fun to keep Bug interested. That room is a combination of Tot School, my home office and storage for Mason’s Monarchs, our non-profit. We were given these really cute butterfly stickers that work perfectly on his wall. They served a multipurpose this week as they are Butterflies and they represent each of his Brothers. (you can read our story at

Bug is getting pretty good at maneuvering the tweezers and loves to take his pom poms out and replace them again. This toy is currently a favorite in Tot School.

Another favorite is this number puzzle. We have started to incorporate numbers into our weekly lessons. He likes to put the numbers in as I count them out. So far he prefers to only say the numbers 1 and 2. But that works since this week’s lesson was the number 2.

We have this great little play dough set that has number stamps and that has helped so much in keeping him interested in the numbers and keeping them on the mat. We also made letters and numbers with the play dough. No pictures since play dough and Bug requires a lot of attention to ensure that the play dough doesn’t get jammed into the carpet. We did discover that Bug can correctly identify the letters A-B-C-R and O. He might be able to do more but he always gets silly when we get to the O. I’ll have to trick him next time and not do O.

We have yet to go to the library to borrow books as I am so nervous that Bug will take that opportunity to yell and scream. So we used what we had for B week and what better option is there than to include his Bible.

Mom’s Favorite this week:
Bug got to view an early showing of fireworks that one of our local malls did in anticipation of July 4th. It was his first experience with fireworks and he was so excited. Here is daddy and him watching just as one explodes. It melts my heart to see these two together. He is certainly a daddy’s boy.  

Next week has a holiday right in the middle. Hoping to squeeze in some cute things for July 4th. So until then…

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  1. The library would be wonderful - and I know that he'd be great - besides a yell now and then doesn't hurt a thing! In fact, it's fun to see the kids having fun at the library.