Wednesday, May 9, 2012

World of Nations

~Bug is 23 months old~

We celebrated many different countries this week as we attended Bug’s 2nd World of Nations. All the costumes and decorations provide an opportunity to discuss the different traditions from that part of the world. Bug’s favorite country was Mexico. Of course this may have something to do with the huge cup of watermelon he was able to get there.

We have continued to practice counting to five as well as reviewing our letters that we have already learned. Bug can correctly identify all the letters of his name. And for the majority of the time he can do it in the correct order. He can also almost pronounce his name and when he gets frustrated trying he just says baby.

Reading is still an important part of our Tot School time and something that I treasure as it allows us to have quiet one on one time.

Working on some new things for the upcoming weeks. So until then…

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  1. What a smart, smart boy to come up with such a clever solution to his frustration about his name!!