Monday, April 16, 2012

A says Ahh

~Bug is 22.5 months old~

Momma’s been slacking a little with getting things posted to the blog but boy have we been busy. Bug has learned a few more letters and can correctly identify the A and O with no problem. When I ask him to say ‘A’ he says ‘Ahh’… which is what his leapfrog taught him. We have gone all the way through the alphabet a few times but he usually gets distracted when we get to the letter G. Then he goes off on a tangent about GiGi, our dog, whom he loves so much.

We did some art and science projects over the last few weeks. Here we made a wreath out of Bug’s handprints. We used pastel colors for Easter and then cut out circles and glued them together. The wreath got to hang on our new display wall for all of Bug’s projects.

We found these little grow in water animals and I couldn’t resist trying them out. Bug picked a green pill and we put it in the water and watched it grow. There were only a few instances of him trying to assist the animal out of the water. This one happened to be a rhinoceros which got a lot of attention throughout the day. The cutest part was Bug showing daddy when he came home. Too bad I didn’t get a picture of that.

Bug is learning to count and we had the perfect opportunity to see if he was comprehending the process while visiting the fair. He had a chance to win a prize by choosing three different ducks. So as he pulled them out we counted and on the third one he gave me this look like “now what?” BTW he won a stuffed monkey.

Reading is always a big part of Tot School for us. Not only do I read aloud to Bug he likes to ‘read’ to himself. His children’s Bible is never too far away. 

This year’s Easter basket included a few different books with learning options. Here Bug is reading his book on shapes. He can correctly identify the circle and almost always the triangle. The square and rectangle are a little confusing to him still.

Mommy’s favorite picture over the last few weeks has to be this one of us right before Easter services. Bug is all dressed up in his little suit. We opted for the Miami Vice look since he wouldn't leave the tie alone.  

Excited to see what happens next week as we continue to grow and learn through play . So until then…

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