Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tot School - Week One

~Bug is 15 months old~

Week one of Tot School was a lot of fun. In anticipation Bug has been watching me set up our office/classroom for about a month now. Finally he was able to get inside and actually play with all the cool things he has seen.

Here he is trying to decide which one he should play with first… the stacking bowls won. He prefers to make them into balls instead of actually stacking them. Bug figured out which ones would link together but didn’t quite understand why the big bowls wouldn’t fit inside the smaller ones.

Now this I thought was just a fluke… here he is with a stacking and counting toy that also uses colors. He picked that blue one up and put it right on the blue peg. Later in the week I asked him if he could bring me his blue ball and sure enough… he went and got every blue ball in the basket.


Our letter this week was the letter B. We went through the house talking about all the blue things and Bug placed his B into the leapfrog toy so that he could play it over and over again.  No pic for this :(

Ok I admit I colored the butterfly... I couldn't help it!

Even though Bug is still a little young to understand the concept of what the weather is outside, we still discussed it each morning. He particularly likes opening the blinds and placing the cards on the sign no matter what the weather is like.

Well until next week… love and hugs!

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  1. I love the picture of him in the laundry basket! He's getting so big!