Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tot School "B continued" - Week 2

~Bug is 15.5 months old~

In week 2 of Tot School we continued to work with the letter B. Bug loves to point out his “B is for ball” knowledge. He particularly liked that his coloring sheet had a picture of a ball. Bug hasn’t quite grasped the concept of coloring but he does like to pull the crayon out of the holder and then try to get it back inside.
This week we added some transferring skills with trying to place pom poms into a small ice tray. Bug did pretty well with this considering it was really small ice tray (but it was cute and bright green.) He has been working on the straws for a few weeks now, even before we officially began Tot School, so we may use a smaller container next week.

We got a really neat butterfly puzzle that has different shapes and colors and Bug loves to play with it. However at this particular time he felt that the pieces would be better inside a box that I was planning to use for some storage.
When that didn't suit his needs he decided that the box would be better used as a car. This is where I wish I had a video camera ready as he got into the box and started scooting along making car noises. Not really part of Tot School curriculumn but it was so precious.

During one of our shopping trips we came across this bean bag chair that has balls on it and Bug took the time to point that out to me. Luckily it was on sale and so I got it for him and he now uses it during reading time.

We continue to learn from each other and adapt according to Bug's desire to learn and what he considers fun.  So until next week love and hugs!
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  1. You have quite the cutie! My little Stink Bug (13 months) likes to do the same thing with crayons. Must be the "in-and-out" stage! She will scribble on occasion but, really she just wants to figure out how to get all of the crayons in and out of the box! Silly little ones!