Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tot School - Brought to you by the Letter M - Week 3

~Bug is 15.5 months old~

Brought to you by the letter M is how we began week 3 of Tot School. M has not been quite as much fun for Bug as the letter B since there are no balls to throw. We did some coloring and he is still way more interested in putting the crayons in and out of the holder than actually coloring with them.
The letter M did bring us to the sweet sound of Momma. Now Bug has been saying momma for several months but as we practiced the sound of M he always followed it with momma. We also had music time this week using all his toys that music. He has drums, a piano, guitar and a tambourine which all made for a fun afternoon.

This week our verse is actually my life verse so it felt especially good to share it with Bug throughout the week.

Bug discovered that not only can he put his weather pieces on the chart… he can also take them off. So our weather chart is rarely correct as he continues to take them on and off the chart.
We graduated from straws to small shapes to put in his creamer container which he seemed to enjoy much more than the straws. I still need to get him some normal straws to use so he can continue to build his skills.
The pom pom sorting tray has become his favorite Tot School item. Every time we go into his classroom that is the first thing he pulls off the shelf. Using the spoon has really helped with him using a fork at dinner time.

Bug had a great opportunity to play with some other kids this week at the mall playground. I won’t share pics of other kids faces but these girls were trying to play a matching game and Bug kept running over and flipping the pieces. They were very nice and let him play along.
We used our Feelings Tot Book this week which is still a little advanced for him but he is beginning to understand that the different faces mean different things. He laughed when I told him mommy was tired and needed some zzzs.

We had a very busy week in Tot School as well as in the mission field as we launched our non-profit for Mason’s Monarchs which you can read about here. Can’t wait to see what next week brings. So until then… love and hugs!
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  1. Looks like you had a fun week. I love the feelings tot book, we'll have to do that one sometime.