Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 22 - Busy little bees

~Bug is 20.5 months old~

Busy… busy… busy. That is the only way to describe our home this week. Bug got his first Cat in the Hat set and loves to carry it around in the little tote that came with the order. It also came with matching cards and a nice little puzzle, both of which have been put up until we pass this destruction stage he is currently pursuing.

We actually had a few reading opportunities where Bug didn’t feel the need to flip through the pages. I think he was very interested in the rhyming in the book. It might have helped a little that mommy used different voices too.

Bug’s stacking pegs are of great interest these days. We are using them for multiple purposes since he is so interested in them. We have been counting on a daily basis up to the number five. Here we stacked the pegs with color and height and Bug pulled them away as I said the number. 

We also used the pegs as a color sorting option. His favorite color is still blue and will bring me things that are blue as he says “boo” so that I know he understands.
This week we also worked on his animal sounds… not really something that you can capture in photographs, especially when Bug will grab his animals and take off running with them. We have the Little Peoples Zoo and he has several of the animals. We’ve been hiding them around the house and asking him to find them. He will bring us the animal and either makes its sound or try to say its name. He can say gorilla, bear, and gator and although we know he can say lion he prefers to growl.

Music is always a part of our home. We sing in the car and at bedtime and play our instruments whenever the opportunity arises. The instrument that received the most attention this week was his xylophone. It came into play during laundry time and dinner time and even during potty time. 

 We got to spend some time at daddy’s work during their big career day and someone snapped this week’s favorite picture. Not sure if Bug wasn’t impressed that he was getting his picture taken or just not sure if mommy could hold him much longer.

Looking forward to what the future holds… so until then.

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