Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gor ri rila and the Color Orange

~Bug is 21 months old~

This week started with some oldies but goodies. Bug enjoyed playing with his butterfly puzzle and we have added saying the color names as we put the puzzle pieces in their place. He also enjoyed playing with this sorter and although we are missing the green ring he is very happy to continue sorting.

Bug is currently in a destructive mood so during our animal identification this week we stacked the animals on top of his cups. We used this multiple ways in that it allowed us to stack but also to see size relations. When I asked for a certain animal Bug would kick down the tower the animal was sitting on and grab it and run it to me. His favorite animal is the “gor ri rila”

Orange was the color of the week and one of the ways we worked with that was to gather all the orange balls in house. We don’t have many so a balloon and a square shape found their way into the pile. There are no pictures of Bug actually gathering these as he would run off with them just as I would get ready to snap the pic.

There is a certain satisfaction with opening and closing things. Here Bug is using his momma’s concentration skills by sticking out his tongue as he concentrates.

In honor of Dr. Seus birthday we put together his new puzzle. Bug still isn’t allowed to read his Seus books on his own (thanks to his destructiveness) but he laughs at the Cat every time we read them.   

For a rare treat we took an excursion with daddy who happened to be off. We went out to lunch and then to a really nice park where Bug played with mommy and daddy for quite some time. That’s where this week’s favorite pictures come from… sorry I couldn’t pick just one.  

Next week we will introduce a few new things… so until then.

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