Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 18 - Music Appreciation

~Bug is 19.5 months old~

We jumped into music appreciation this week with all of Bugs musical toys. He can now identify each of his items by name but we are still working on matching them to the identification cards.

The xylophone was used to make music but also to learn colors.

Make a beautiful noise is certainly what he did with the maracas. It was hard trying to get a picture of him with them because he kept running around shaking them. I think that he enjoyed them the most.

We worked hard on his tracing this week. He is getting much better at trying to connect the objects on his letters but still loves to color like crazy.

We took some time to play Baby Einstein First Instruments. The concept is still a little lost on Bug but he really liked listening to the different instruments.

Mom’s favorite this week:

The weather has been pretty nice here lately so we took a walk and gathered leaves.

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  1. I love to see his concentration! It's so much fun to watch his development and learning!

  2. That is great that he can identify the items by name! My 17 month old loves music and I do have a few instruments but would like to get some more for her. Your son looks like he really enjoys music too! Keep up the great work!