Tuesday, December 20, 2011

~Bug is 18.5 months old~

This week presented a little attitude and some destructive tendencies. Not sure if Bug was ready for Christmas vacation or what but we were able to get a few things done.

We worked on sorting his blocks by color. He still needs a little encouragement to get them started but once he gets moving he works right through them. However, once he was done… they went everywhere.

Bug finally mastered this little timer. He has been trying to turn it for weeks now but hasn’t quite gotten his fingers to cooperate. We worked really hard and finally he understood where he had to place his fingers to get it to turn. He took his new skill and mastered the screws. 

Bug spent a lot of time reading this week. He read some on his own and some with me. He will pull them all out and meticulously go through each one until he finds the one that he wants. Then he will crawl up in my lap and ask for 'more." He likse to point out items in his color book and tell me what they are. We did this a LOT.

 Daddy got to participate with some apps this week. Bug can now turn on the IPhone and use a few apps. There may be an IPad in our future.  

In preparation for our annual Christmas party, Bug took pleasure in helping stir some of the cookie mix. Pretty sure he enjoyed eating them more but it was fun sharing a tradition and can’t wait to continue it through the years. 

We are officially on Christmas break and will start again after the New Year. So until then…

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