Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5 - Taking it slow

~Bug is 16 months old~
Since I had eye surgery this week, Tot School was a little on the slow side. Bug watched a few Leapfrog videos that focused on shapes and colors. He can now even say Blue although it sounds a little more like boo. Daddy took care of reading time and I was able to “read” a few books that I already memorized.
We tried a new skill of pushing the pasta through the pepsi box. At first he was concentrating really hard to get them inside the hole but iIt worked out very well and Bug had a ton of fun pushing them through and dumping them out. 
My surgery was down in Orlando so while we were there we took Bug to Downtown Disney. We let him play at Lego Land and now I think that he is ready for some building blocks. When we passed by this bench with Pooh he couldn’t wait to sit down next to him. Pooh is one of his favorite books.
Not to many pictures this week but as my eyes continue to heal we will get back into full swing.
Until then… love and hugs!
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